Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fulton Sunshine Academy Robotics Team Wins Georgia Championship 2 years in a row!

Atlanta, GA -- Disaster Blaster, a student team from Fulton Sunshine Academy Elementary School located in North Fulton County, was awarded the Championship Award at the FIRST Lego League (FLL) State Championship held in Atlanta, GA at Georgia Institute of Technology on January 24th, 2015.

It’s the second consecutive year the team won the championship. 
FLL is a Robotics competition held annually in cities around the world and is rapidly gaining popularity in Georgia. There are over 265,000 teams across 80 countries that participate in this competition. In the State of Georgia, over 500 teams of students ranging from age 9 to 14 years competed. The theme this year was World Class. The team was challenged with how to improve an area of learning in the 21st century.
After extensive research and interviewing 5 different schools and education specialists in different roles, the Disaster Blaster team decided that bullying is a common challenge in all schools and there were no viable solutions to prevent it. There were 2 main challenges with bullying - the students were bystanders and the teachers did not have a way to separate fact from fiction. In addition, the school administration did not have good reporting on type of bullying and the location where bullying was happening.
Disaster Blaster team came up with an application on a bullying prevention portal that had a module for parents and admins to capture bullying related incidents and another module to help the administrators get statistics on the type and location of bullying by grades. This reporting can also be used by the parents to get bullying related information on schools across the nation if this is rolled out to all the schools.
“It is indeed a remarkable achievement for a team made up of 5th grade students to compete alongside 8th graders and emerge as champions and we are honored to represent Fulton County and Georgia at the international level again, 2 years in a row,” said Murat Cetin, Fulton Sunshine Academy’s principal. “Congratulations to these students and their families who helped the Disaster Blaster reach such a goal.”
Team Disaster Blaster consists of six elementary school children coached by parent volunteers. The students are Abhiram Vangapandu, Aditya Munamarty, Nikhil Dasari, Nishanth Chandran, Radeen Abree Dixon and Varun Vijay. At the FLL World Class competition in St Louis, MO our fifth graders will be competing with over 100 teams across 80 counties all over the world. For four days during the World Festival the team will be immersed in innovative solutions, ideas and robotics all day.
Fulton Sunshine Academy FLL Robotics team Techno Pandas received Championship award and represented Georgia at World Festival 2014 in St. Louis.
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Fulton Sunshine Academy is a tuition-free charter school located in Roswell, Georgia. Its mission is to instill a love of learning in a nurturing environment through engaging and stimulating learning opportunities. Fulton Sunshine Academy will shut down at the end of 2014-15 school year per Fulton County Schools Board decision.

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